AFRICA TWIN 2016-19 Modular Seat System (WS-665)

AFRICA TWIN 2016-19 (CRF1000L)
2018-19 (CRF1000L2)

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Transform your Honda Africa Twin and Adventure Sports into a long-distance explorer! Our patented Zone Suspension Body Contour Technology, beautiful hand-crafted upholstery, high-quality lightweight precision construction make World Sport Performance Seats the best choice for the long-haul.

Gel-Free! Superior comfort and suspension without the thermal retention and extra weight of gel. Our Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension is our own unique and proprietary blend of resilience, firmness, and vibration-absorption qualities – making it well-suited for maximum long distance comfort. The seat foam is contoured for enhanced lateral support and a more neutral – or level – seating angle that allows full use of the seating area.

In addition, this two-piece World Sport Seat offering for the Honda Africa Twin features our marine-grade, UV-stabilized, hand-crafted upholstery specifically designed to maximize the suspension qualities of the Super Cell Foam. Plus, they are virtually maintenance free.

This World Sport Performance Modular Seat System features the following:

  • Gel-Free Super Cell Atomic Foam and enhanced shape with significantly increased width and lateral lift, providing far better distribution of pressure over a greater area.
  • Patented Zone Suspension Body Contour Technology featuring hidden central relief channel plus a special internal visco-layer that absorbs and diminishes high pressure points.  With this patented technology, the elements are molded into the foam just below the surface, resulting in a unified foam cushion – without seams or glue joints – for optimal comfort and performance.
  • Two seat heights – Regular and Low – are available. Both versions are height adjustable – just like stock.
  • Redesigned seat base pans include an OEM Manual and wrench holders as well as SARGENT LED Flashlight that is built into the front seat pan.
  • Light-weight, precision-made PolyTec plastic seat base design installs and adjusts just like stock.
  • Offered with our popular CarbonFX seating material with either black or silver welt.
  • Also available in the Performance Plus upholstery treatment, featuring beautiful and durable DTX with forward GRIPZONES and choice of color welt/accent.
  • EM-5 Backrests – With quick, tool-free 5-Way adjustability, it’s the most versatile motorcycle backrest on the market.
  • Optional Rear Rack accessory quickly replaces your rear seat for solo touring. Mounts just like the stock seat and includes wing-screws for ease of use.
  • Optional Sargent Complete Heat Upgrade available with Advanced Comfort Control and Digital, handlebar-mount, 10-step controller.  The embedded Fine Wire Flex Pad is molded into the seat cushion for added stability, flexibility, and comfort – a Sargent exclusive!

World Sport Performance Plus Seats with the DTX / GRIPZONE upholstery on the regular height front and matching rear seat, with contrasting metallic silver welt and contrasting stitch – all handcrafted to order (WS-665-SE Silver Welt).

Seat Height Comparison Information



The World Sport Performance Seat for the Honda Africa offers a wider, slightly dished seating contour to minimize pressure points.  Overall seat height is comparable to the OEM seat.

NOTE: Actual “seat to ground” dimensions may vary depending on rider weight, anatomy, and motorcycle suspension settings.


Regular Height Low Version
HONDA OEM 33.5″ – 34.3″ 32.3″ – 33.1″
SARGENT 33.5″ – 34.3″ 32.5″ – 33.3″

These measurements were verified and compared to the HONDA OEM information. Actual bench measurement shows a +0.125″ discrepancy on the LOW setting.

We Take Heated Seating To A New Level!

At the core of our heated options is our recently designed Sargent Advanced Heat Controller with “Comfort Control.” It offers maximum comfort in cool weather with fully variable heat control. Unlike competitive products that are just on or off, our advanced controller delivers full range heat control with customizable features. This fine control is essential on a motorcycle where ambient temperatures can fluctuate drastically while riding. The perfect temperature is right at your fingertips!

Features include:

  • Solid-state Pulse Modulating Heat Controller.
    Unlike competing products that offer just a few settings, our solid-state, ten-step heat controller is fully variable from off to full power and anywhere in between, providing maximum comfort control. This level of control is essential as outdoor fluctuations in ambient temperature can be significant and constantly changing while motorcycling. It is completely waterproof and can be conveniently mounted within view. And, the adjustable power and brightness settings are displayed in a LED bar graph that shows the exact temperature setting day or night, with user settings being held in memory even when the bike is turned off.
  • Superior Heat Element Technology.
    Our heat pads are molded into the foam just below the surface for optimal comfort and protection.  This patented technology utilizes a thin, Conformable Film and Fine Wire Spiral Wound Glass Core Technology for excellent performance.  Combine this with our Advanced Heat Controller for a fully integrated heating experience.
  • Power Draw.
    Each heated seating area (front or rear) is supplied with its own heat controller. Each heated zone draws approximately 1.7 amps (or 23 watts @ 13.5 volts), and dual zone installations will draw approximately 3.4 amps (or 46 watts @ 13.5 volts) at full power.

Exclusively from Sargent! The EM-5 Adjustable Backrest

Sargent’s exclusive, patent-pending EM-5 five-way adjustable backrest offers precise control for maximum comfort. Easy and versatile, simply loosen the EM-5 control unit’s two soft-feel knobs and freely adjust the backrest position to suit your riding needs. Quickly and easily tighten the knobs to lock into place. For further fine-tuning, the UV-stabilized marine-grade vinyl-covered pad can be moved up and down on its swivel mount. Two EM-5 passenger backrests are offered (for each Africa Twin model) and both are designed to mount to the OEM rear racks. Both rear backrests are compatible with both the Sargent and OEM rear seat and feature all of the the EM-5 functionality.

Shown on the Africa Twin Adventure Sports (BR-2128).

The driver’s backrest is designed to be mounted to the versatile Sargent rear rack (which replaces the OEM rear seat). It includes the EM-5 control unit and stainless steel support shaft with instructions for easy installation (on the Sargent Rear Rack only).

Sargent is pleased to offer the rear rack system that multi functions as the mounting platform for the EM-5 front driver backrest and the storage rack which also accommodates the RotopaX tank (sold through RotopaX)!


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