K 1600 GT / GTL / Exclusive 2011-21 Complete Seat Low Version (WS-648)

BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive (2014+)

Specifically developed for the BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive, these motorcycle seats have been engineered from the bottom up to increase the width of the riding platform by over 20%. This larger seating area provides greater comfort without compromising the riding experience and maneuverability.

The seats start with a precision-molded, lightweight PolyTec base pan and feature our unique support extensions, providing critical additional support that the OEM seat base pan lacks. These base pan extensions combined with our premium Gel-Free Super Cell Atomic Foam are the key to support and comfort, without the thermal retention and extra weight of gel. The improved foam suspension and added support result in better distribution of pressure over a much greater seating area. Additionally, both the ergonomically correct riding platform and the dished contour minimize the pressure points that cause fatigue and pain. The optional EM-5 five-way adjustable driver and passenger backrests add even more comfort for the long-haul.

These World Sport Performance Seats have the following features:

  • PolyTec light-weight, precision engineered seat pans that are over 20% wider than stock for extra support.
  • Super Cell Atomic Foam with enhanced shape for incredible long-distance comfort, available in two front seat foam heights.
  • NEW! Touring rear seat platform width increased to offer comparable lateral support to the GTL Exclusive rear seat with a more streamlined look. Using a firmer, more supportive lateral lift, Sargent’s Super Cell Atomic Foam utilizes Zone Suspension Technology for improved riding comfort.  (Designed to fit GTL Exclusive model only).
  • Additional under-the-seat storage compartment with hinged door under the front seat.
  • This two-piece design is compatible with the GTL Exclusive model, offering more flexibility.  Front seat functions in low and high OEM settings.
  • Durable, comfortable and maintenance-free Magnesium Silver upholstery to compliment OEM rear touring components.
  • Fine Wire with Embedded Flex Pad Technology. The heating element is molded in just below the foam surface for stability, and it is designed to flex with the riders’ weight and pressure to ensure that comfort and suspension are not compromised – a Sargent exclusive!
  • Heat included standard on front and rear seats with BMW compatible plugs that integrate seamlessly with your OEM on-board heat controls. No splicing required.
  • Designed to work with your stock key. No extra keys to carry.
  • Optional Sargent EM-5 five-way adjustable backrest for both the front and rear seating position. (Note:  OEM Touring Pack must be removed to use the EM-5 Passenger Backrest.)

Expertly engineered, this seat will put you on the road to increased riding time and comfort.

Note to K 1600 GTL owners: An additional optional purchase of BMW part #77348520028 is available from BMW for those GTL owners who wish to convert from the one-piece OEM seat to the two-piece OEM seats. This kit is cosmetic and is not required for mounting the seat or safe operation, but rather it is made to hide a gap between the motorcycle’s body work and the seat. This will also work with the Sargent two-piece seat.

Front Seat Heights and Configuration

The World Sport Performance front seat for the BMW K 1600 GT/GTL offers a wider, slightly dished seating contour to minimize pressure points, and slightly better reach than the OEM seat heights. And the front seat base pan has been widened by approximately 20% (compared to the GT/GTL), offering more foam support and comfort. NOTE: Actual “seat to ground” dimensions may vary depending on rider weight, anatomy, and motorcycle suspension settings.

Rear Seat Configuration

The Rear seat width as been increased to offer comparable lateral support to the GTL OEM rear seat, but with a more streamlined look. This is achieved with firmer, more supportive lateral lift utilizing Sargent’s exclusive Super Cell Atomic Foam and Zone Suspension Technology.

BMW K 1600 GT / GTL
STOCK 31.9 – 32.7″ 29.5  (GTL 1-Piece)
SARGENT 31.7 – 32.5″ 30.7 – 31.5″

Heated Comfort At The Flip Of Your Switch.
NEW Fully Compatible BMW Plug System.

Heated Sargent World Sport Performance Seats for the K1600GT/GTL are equipped with fully compatible plugs that mate to your BMW under-the-seat wire harness. No wire splicing or special plug changes needed; simply plug in and go.

Exclusively from Sargent! The EM-5 Adjustable Backrest

The new EM-5 five-way adjustable backrest offers precise control for maximum comfort. Easy and versatile, simply loosen the EM-5 control unit’s two soft-feel knobs and freely adjust the backrest position to suit your riding needs. Quickly and easily tighten the knobs to lock into place. For further fine-tuning, the UV-stabilized marine-grade vinyl-covered pad can be moved up and down on its swivel mount. The driver’s backrest includes the EM-5 control unit, stainless steel support shaft, under-the-seat support block, fasteners, and instructions for easy installation (on the Sargent World Sport seat only). The passenger backrest is designed to mount to the OEM rear rack and is compatible with OEM seat(s), too. This kit includes the EM-5 control unit with backrest pad, black anodized aluminum mounting plates and hardware, and stainless steel support shaft.

NEW From Sargent! Splash Guards

Eliminate excessive spray when riding in wet conditions and improve passenger access to the accessory jack – all with this simply-designed kit that installs with no tools!


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