ST2 / ST3 / ST4 / ST4S Performance Seat 1996-2007 Model Years (WS-515)

ST2 / ST3 / ST4 / ST4S (1996-2007)

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Utilizing the latest digital modeling, computer design (CAD) techniques, precise manufacturing processes, and superior materials, the World Sport Performance Seat for the 1997+ Ducati ST2 / ST3 / ST4 features a precision-molded PVC Acrylic Alloy Seat Pan for superior fit and is outfitted with high-quality hardware.

Our special PVC Acrylic Alloy Seat Pan is a super tough, lightweight material provides an exceptional high-performance seat foundation.

Gel-Free! Superior comfort and suspension without the thermal retention and extra weight of gel. Our Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension is our own unique and proprietary blend of resilience, firmness, and vibration-absorption qualities – making it well-suited for maximum long distance comfort. The seat foam is contoured for enhanced lateral support and a more neutral seating angle allowing full use of the seating area.

In addition, the World Sport Seat for the Ducati ST features our marine-grade, UV-stabilized, color-coordinated upholstery – These materials are hand-sewn and installed specifically to maximize the suspension qualities of the Super Cell Foam, and they are virtually maintenance free.

This World Sport Performance Seat will feature the following:

  • Super Cell Foam with enhanced lateral support for maximum driver and passenger comfort.
  • An under-the-seat removable storage cylinder
  • Four, retractable cargo hooks
  • Offered with CarbonFX vinyl seating inserts
  • A choice of Italian Red, black or metallic silver welt
  • Color-coordinate welt available
  • Leather inserts upgrades available – please call to order.


Sargent is setting new Standards.

This standard upholstery configuration is shown with CarbonFX inserts, black welt, and smooth, matte black trim.


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