WR 250 R/X XT-Series Adventure Touring Regular Height (WS-612)

YAMAHA FZ-1 (2001-2005)

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Specifically developed for the narrow Dual Sport Adventure Touring bikes, the XT-SERIES motorcycle seats have been engineered from the bottom up to increase the width of the riding platform by nearly 39%. This larger seating area provides greater comfort without compromising the riding experience and maneuverability. Rider tested and approved, the XT-SERIES adventure touring motorcycle seats are a major improvement over the OEM plank-style seat.

The XT-SERIES seats start with a precision-molded, lightweight PolyTec base pan and feature our unique support extensions providing critical additional support that the OEM seat base lacks. These base pan extensions combined with our premium Super Cell Atomic Foam are the key to support and comfort. The improved foam suspension and added support result in better distribution of pressure over a much greater seating area. Gel-Free! Superior comfort and suspension without the thermal retention and extra weight of gel. And the ergonomically correct riding platform minimizes the pressure points that cause fatigue and pain.

Expertly engineered, the XT-SERIES dual sport seat will put you on the road to increased riding time and comfort. Right out of the box and onto the bike – these seats are fully assembled and ready to install.

WR 250
STOCK 35.7″

What About Heat?

Sargent does offer a heated seat upgrade with electronic controller for the WR.  However, the amperage capacity of your bike and the demand of other installed accessories should be considered before committing to this special heated upgrade (subject to a restocking fee).

Our heated seat set-up draws approximately 1.53 amps (18 watts).

If interested, please call 1-800-749-7328  to discuss this option with one of our representatives.


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